Wow! The journal Evolution: Education and Outreach will be free for all of 2008!

From a press release:

“Evolution: Education and Outreach promotes understanding and teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience. Targeting students of all ages including undergraduates, teachers and scientists alike, the journal publishes articles to aid members of these communities in the teaching of evolutionary theory. … The quarterly journal connects teachers with scientists by adapting cutting-edge, peer-reviewed articles for classroom use on a variety of instructional levels. Teachers and scientists collaborate on multi-authored papers and offer tools for teachers such as unit and lesson plans and classroom activities, as well as additional online content such as podcasts and PowerPoint presentations.” The journal will be freely available on-line through all of 2008.”

In this issue is a very interesting interview with Eugenie Scott, of NCSE — along with over 20 0ther papers and essays. Enjoy the Free!

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  1. Wow! That’s great! Thanks for the link!


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