It’s God’s will that we have roaches…

Really! (wag of antennae to Pharyngula for finding this):

“If this is God’s provision for us, that means He has called me to contend with roaches again. As I contemplate what that will be like, it helps to think about how the Author and Finisher of my faith lived. He chose to be born in a period and a country where dealing with vermin was a way of life. Before the time of modern medicine, Jesus accepted that roaches would run over his food – having the knowledge of God, I imagine He also knew when it happened, and exactly what germs and diseases those roaches carried. “

Happy New Year, and may 2008 be roach and vermin-free for all my readers!

EDITED TO ADD: I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but the top post of the day is Exploding Pants.  Perhaps people are planning a whole different type of ball drop for New Years……

BTW, Raleigh, NC really does drop a nut for New Years. (An acorn, you Pervs!)

2 thoughts on “It’s God’s will that we have roaches…

  1. Well, at least that method of getting rid of them would be biological control/organic

    Although I don’t think becoming an atheist would be “conversion”.

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