OMG. I really am an administrator now.

I am sitting on my bed, actually reading–of my own volition–the Comptroller’s Manual of Business Procedures for my University. Because I need to know about field trips.

“The Field Trip Section will notify the Motor Pool Office when sufficient funds have been collected to pay for a trip. The department or instructor will be notified three (3) working days prior to the departure if there are insufficient funds on deposit to cover the estimated cost of the trip……”

Seriously. I’m really reading this.
Earlier today, I downloaded a bunch of podcasts on being a good manager, because a bunch of people here recommended it. (If they are really any good, I’ll let you know.) I’m looking at websites about risk management so I can write a policy. Urg.

This is totally freaking me out. I mean, I’m a “work smarter, not harder” kinda chick. And in this new job I really do have many, many people reporting to me. (Not just a couple, like before.) And I’m responsible for the success of an entire undergraduate program, and a couple of facilities, and…you get the idea.Do Not Want

It’s not unlike when I bought my house–an “Oh God, I’m actually a grown-up now” sort of realization.

I am both really thrilled and horrified by this.

Also, while I’m whining, enough snow already. (We are up to 14 inches as of this morning, and it’s still coming down.) It’s pretty, but I need to go to work now.

I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled insect blogging later today.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Heehee; hubby does that kind of procedural writing.

    My advice to you is to NOT do your work reading in bed! Bed is for sleep and fun. Bed is not for work. Remember all those little articles in the campus newspaper about “don’t study in bed”? You get sleep bleed-over into your work, and work bleed-over into things where it doesn’t belong, like sleep, sex and fun reading.

    And remember the golden rule of admin: find other responsible people who will share the work and responsibility load. You’ll surely crack if you try to do it all yourself (delegation = sanity). They don’t have to do it with your methods, or necessarily your level of thoroughness, they just have to do it well enough.


  2. Actually, once I get things set up, it should calm down considerably. It’s just really weird to find myself here.

    My only real complaint is that the server dude is a complete ass. Yes, I KNOW how to write CSS and HTML. Don’t tell me to RTFM. I am coming to you because of a server issue that I can’t fix. Don’t talk to me like a child, you dipstick.

    Otherwise, everyone seems to be quite capable.

  3. Does that mean that you’re gonna go all diplomatic-like from this day onwards?


  4. HA! I don’t think I could if I wanted too, LH :D

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  6. Oh, very interesting Artwork John!!
    You should submit some of those in the next insect photography salon for the Entomological Society of America!

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