Biological control, in fact:

….In the summer of 2006, [Pfannenstiel] discovered a new predator that feeds on lepidopteran eggs—the Asian cockroach, Blattella asahinai. This roach was observed in large numbers—up to 100 or more per square meter—in soybean fields at Weslaco, yet it causes no damage to the was the most frequently observed predator of bollworm eggs in soybeans in South Texas’s Rio Grande Valley…..

A strong flyer, B. asahinai can also enter homes, where it too is considered a pest. For that reason, it would never be intentionally introduced into an area for biological control. But since it’s here, ARS scientists will continue to study ways to make it useful to growers in the region.

This is a very neat “lemons into lemonade” story.

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  1. That’s still going to be a hard sell … “This is your friend, the roach,”

  2. yeah, I was looking at their density/square meter figures, and it kind of creeped *me* out.

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