I can’t believe that this lawsuit didn’t go through, since I feel exactly the same way about this totally effed up Michigan Primary. Here’s how it stands for Democrats right now:

  • None of our delegates will be seated at the National Convention
  • Not all of the candidates are on the ballot, and if you try a write in, your ballot will be discarded.

The lawsuit (Martha Hayes v Michigan Democratic Party and the Michigan Secretary of State) charged that because the national Democratic Party won’t recognize the January 15 primary, she and other Michigan Democrats were disenfranchised. AMEN.

But she lost. So that means that a lot of Democrats will have the same initial reaction I did: “Screw it. Why should I even bother?”

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that in addition to the primary, there are actual ballot initiatives for school boards and counties in this election. If Democrats stay home, guess who will make those decisions?

I told my husband a while back that the Dems need to change their name to the party of “Thank You Sir, May I have Another?” They continue to prove me right. Assume the position, Michigan.

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  1. Hi Bug Girl,

    I agree, this situation is absurd. Why is the Democratic party prioritizing strict enforcement of their rules over the votes of their loyal Michigan party members?

    I put together a Web site with some information and links to contact the Democratic leadership and your state legislator at http://WhoStoleMiVote.org

  2. I am TOTALLY pissed off, too. I wrote to the Michigan Dems thanking them for screwing us over, and they didn’t even bother to write back. Also, as this process was going on, they never posted anything to their website to let people know what was going on. I’m out of the country and voted “uncommitted” on my absentee ballot, for whatever good that will do. Blech.

  3. I didn’t hear anything back from the MDP or the DNC either. Both of my state legislators called me back, though, which I appreciated, even if they didn’t have much to say.

  4. Instead of casting a meaningless vote on the Democrat’s ticket, you can vote in the Republican primary, helping bring a “win-win” ballot for the 2008 Presidential election by voting for Ron Paul. The war in Iraq has consistently rated the highest issue important to voters. Another issue not polled which I’m sure matters to voters is the restoration of our civil liberties.
    Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who is against the Iraq war and for the restoration of our civil liberties. All of the Democrats oppose the war in Iraq, so by voting for Ron Paul in the Republican primary you can help create a “win-win” 2008 Presidential ballot. It will be an anti-war, pro civil liberties Democrat versus an anti-war, pro civil liberties Republican. No matter who wins the election, the war will end and our civil liberties will be restored.

    Think for yourselves – don’t listen to the Neo-Conservative propaganda. They don’t want him to win. Ron Paul will just undo all the hard work they’ve done chipping away at our Constitution Rights.

    Please read Ron Paul’s positions on the issues. Look at his voting record over the 10 terms he has been in Congress – then, help us out in Michigan.

  5. Since Ron Paul is a racist bastard, I have no interest. Thnx k bye.

  6. Shouldn’t the website mentioned in the first comment be: Dude, who stole my vote.org

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