Two great things–together at last!

Scientists are working to prevent the problem of crunchy ice cream–the way ice cream or frozen fruit is never quite the same texture when it partially thaws and re-freezes. Hurray! From a New Scientist article:

“Edible antifreeze developed by a US researcher could keep ice cream tasty and smooth, and prevent other frozen foods from being ruined.

Food chemist Srinivasan Damodaran at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US, thinks he has a better solution. He is experimenting with edible antifreeze made from gelatin, which is much more effective at preventing ice crystals from ruining ice cream….

Damodaran studied the amino acid sequence of the most effective protein
and found it was “strikingly similar” to that of a natural antifreeze found in snow fleas, a species of springtail that remains active throughout winter.”

Here’s the actual paper in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Please note that the source of his proteins was NOT actual collembolans–he was just using a similar protein made from gelatin. Feel free to speculate on possible future Ben and Jerry’s Insect Ice Cream flavors in the comments, though.

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  1. My imaginary frozen desserts:

    FANCY ANTSY is a watermelon-flavored sorbet with chocolate cookie bits (everyone argues whether those are the watermelon seeds or the ants)

    KLARNER BLUE is blueberry ice cream with blueberries and almond bits (a portion of the profits go to increase and connect wild areas for the preseservation of this endangered butterfly)

    LIGHTNIN’ BUG is an adult ice cream shake with lemon ice cream mixed with a shot of golden rum, topped with whipped cream and served with two spoons (‘cuz you know, the glow is all about sex!)


  2. Ooh, here’s something interesting in the news: the power laws used to help predict earthquakes may have use in predicting epileptic attacks:


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