There are no words to convey how totally GEEKED I am about this.

You can buy your copy (or one for me, if you want major brownie points!) at EZtakes.
You can also read a roundup of MST3K news for the year at Deep Ape.

In other news–I will probably be MIA for most of this week–major stuff going on at work, and I really need to concentrate on that. Bummer!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. A friend of mine just got a copy of this, and highly recommends it. Although, he does point out that, being based on a movie named “The Oozing Skull”, it obviously has a bit of gratuitous gore. Fair warning for people who are bothered by that sort of thing.

  2. Hmmm..I should point out MY birthday is coming up next month ;-)

  3. so you’re ok with the oozing then? good to know! :D

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