I’m still super busy, so don’t look for many posts from me for a while! While I’m out, I’ll let you read about the 2008 Butterfly-A-Thon, a project to promote Xerces Society’s efforts to protect endangered, threatened, and rare butterflies:

“Robert Michael Pyle began a grand year-long adventure to find, experience, and identify as many as possible of the 800 species of butterflies in the United States and Canada.

You can support The Xerces Society’s butterfly conservation efforts by making a pledge to the 2008 Butterfly-A-Thon. Individuals can pledge a certain amount for each butterfly species that Bob Pyle positively identifies, or may instead choose to pledge or donate a fixed amount.

You can also read the blog of Bob’s progress at Orion.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Now there’s an “-a-thon” we can all get behind!

  2. As an aside, my favorite book by Pyle (but hard to find) is Wintergreen. Check it out!

  3. i know how to dance-a-thon and walk-a-thon and marathon. but how the heck does one butterfly-a-thon? costumes involved, i hope.

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  5. Erm. you haven’t actually said *where* this blog is.

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