Mmmm…..these look very yummy! The really amazing detail includes spiracles, and on some, ocelli. Thanks to Laughing Squid for the info on this bakery in Japan. Visit LS for more links and photos. Strangely enough, despite being a very good copy of a scarab beetle larva, there are no actual insect parts inside.Yummy larva!

From Pink Tentacle:

“A unique chocolate made to look like a beetle larva has captured the fancy of candy aficionados in Japan. Produced by the Komatsuya confectionery and bakery based in Akita prefecture, the bite-sized Larva Chocolates (Youchu Choco) have a grub-shaped body made from milk chocolate and corn flakes, a layer of skin made from white chocolate, legs made from tinyLovely Larvae strips of dried squid, and a dainty mouth made from orange peel. Komatsuya, which is struggling to keep up with demand, hand-produces about 400 per day and sells them online (shipping in Japan only) for 210 yen ($2) each. “

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  1. For the real deal, have a look at other Japanese delicacies: ‘hachi noko’, and ‘inago’… ecch!


  2. These totally rock. I want one!!!

  3. Wow, those look surprisingly real…

  4. “there are no actual insect parts inside…”
    –well, it wouldn’t be a crunchy chocolate frog without the frog inside now would it?! ;-)

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