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Feminism is to blame for forcing women go to college.

WTF is going on with college kids in Michigan? This article was in a student newspaper (Michigan Tech), for FSM’s sake. Dig this–it could have been written by a Victorian:

“Men have a couple of basic desires regarding the world around them; at one level they can see as two basic opposing desires, to build, and to destroy. Women, have a desire to nurture something that already exists in to full form….but men tend to emphasize building/destroying, and women nurturing.”

He goes on to say that this is why women don’t enter science and engineering.

Excuse me–Women lack creativity? We can’t create? We can only work with what’s existing?
I submit that underrepresentation of women occurs in part because the science and engineering colleges are full of A-holes like you, dude. I also suggest that the idea that you can’t be a feminist and a wife/mother is a false dichotomy. And I can name some feminist mommies that would happily prove that to you. They happen to also be scientists who have built impressive research programs.

And just to prove that it isn’t just Michigan that has ass-hat college boys:

Yale Fraternity hassles Women’s Center

Yep, they blocked access to the Women’s Center that provides rape crisis counseling to students, holding a sign saying “we like Yale sluts” and chanting “dick.”

WTF, indeed.

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  1. I meant to include this initially, but I saw the Yale thing and I got mad/distracted and forgot to add it.

    The MT student’s rant was inspired by some female “friends” that complained they wanted to get married,and didn’t want to go to college.

    You know what those girls were really complaining about? The same thing that any schmo working for a living wants–“I want a rich sugar daddy/mommy to take care of me so I can do what I really want.”

    The reality is, the economics of the US have never favored a one paycheck family. Only a small percentage of families achieve this.
    And Woe unto You if you completely relied financially on a spouse that abandons you…

    I want a sugar daddy too, but I live in the real world, and I take care of myself.

  2. Not very long ago I had some thoughts along the same lines. And it was a Georgie Binks article that got me thinking along those lines, so I’ll cite that too:

    Basically, my theory was that people, in general, are lazy. And as they approach adulthood, they quickly learn that their dream job just isn’t forthcoming. Having spent the first 2/3 of their lives thus far living under their parents’ wing, having everything provided for them, they’re suddenly forced to provide for themselves, and desperately look for a way out.

    We still live in a patriarchal culture, in spite of our persistent attempts to move toward some kind of egalitarianism. So for girls it’s easy to find a way out by just marrying some guy, and letting him provide for her, while she stays home and does the “happy homemaker” thing. The ominous “that’s what society expects of her” that our fore-mothers rose up against is still very much a part of our culture. The problem now is that it makes it way too easy to give up, and settle into a comfortable homebody lifestyle. Backward and oppressive though it may be, it makes for an attractive alternative to “work” for those girls not lucky enough to realize their preferred career. It was good enough for their mother, or their grandmother, so they succumb to the idea that it’s good enough for them. The lucky ones, like yourself, or my sister, are able to recognize the trap and avoid it.

    This trap has a detrimental affect, not just for women, but for men. Because when their spouse gives up on her lofty career goals and settles for a little or no income lifestyle, the man is left as the sole breadwinner in a household. And as you pointed out, single income homes are hard to maintain, and that’s more true today than it ever has been before. The man has no way out. He’s trapped in the work-a-day world, because our society expects him to be the provider.

    The reality is that we can’t all be scientists, actors, models, software moguls, or whatever. Some of us are going to end up pumping gas, or flipping burgers for a living. And with all due respect to those who find such work personally fulfilling, those who don’t frankly gave up too easy (with the obvious exception of those still working themselves through school). And it all comes back to the simple problem that people, regardless of gender, are lazy.

    So that’s my half-baked analysis of the problem. Now what do you suppose we should do about it?

  3. It probably says something not to complimentary about me, but my reaction to the first story was along the lines of “yeah, but its the UP”. More annoying then upsetting (but then, I’m male, I don’t have to deal with that sort of stupidity directed at me). Then I read the Yale bit. And “WTF” doesn’t even begin to capture it. While I agree with the idea of suing the frat, assuming the story accurately reflects what happens, the frat should probably lose its status at Yale.

  4. Peregrine, I do know the answer is *not* to sell the idea that college is the cure-all. I have lots of students here who are utterly miserable kinesthetic learners, who would make awesome electricians and plumbers–and ultimately earn way more than me.

    Making college the cure also leads to a sort of “dude, where’s my job?” for new graduates, when they discover that having a degree isn’t enough, it’s just the beginning of a struggle that will last for the rest of their life.

    But, not going to college because you want to be taken care of by Prince Charming–that’s what you get when you grow up watching Disney princess movies, I guess.

    And I still maintain that it is a rare family that makes the kind of money that allows one parent to stay home. I’ve never been delusional enough to think I’d have that kind of money.

    My answer to the general slackitude of kids these days (get off my yard!)–I got nothing.

  5. Ah, the good ol’ days of yore when wimmen just went to college to get their Mrs. … I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Damn, it really WAS yesterday.


  6. … and I live in the real world, but I take care of my shelves.

  7. Just another feminist mommy dropping in to say “Hullo.” :)

  8. Michigan Tech is practically at the North Pole. Maybe Santa took their brains for kids who have been less naughty.

  9. okay, that is just utterly disgusting.. my feminista anntenna are all over it.

  10. I think it’s hilarious that men and women are so at odds with eachother. I say haha, I’ve seen women destroy plenty of stuff, and I’ve met more than a few gals who are about as far from nuturing as you can get, hatefullness is in the air and it’s not going away anytime soon.

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