An incredibly cool use of Google earth: mapping ant colonies.

The narration is a bit florid, but the video is really neat: excavation of an ant colony.

The NCSU Insect Museum has a blog! (And note the membracid favicon!) Also, check out the lovely photo collection from a recent trip to Costa Rica.

Ugly Overload has a great series of photos of a fly ptilinium, the inflatable bag on a fly head that’s used to emerge from a pupa. (And I can’t believe I remembered the name of that thing without looking it up! Go me!)

Zooilogix covers the parasite that turns ant abdomens into a berry mimic, so they’ll be snapped up by birds–completing the parasite’s life cycle. Also, more great Mantis pics.

Clan Apis–A graphic novel about bees.

Still swamped at work, but hope to return this weekend with a snarky preview of a new movie about bees.

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