Insect news from around the net:

A new species of whirligig beetle is named after Roy Orbison!

A videogame based on The Bee Movie is soundly panned:

“Never before in the history of video games has the monotony of being an insect been replicated as effectively as it has been done in The Bee Movie Game.”

Plastic Fly Rings from Coolest Gadgets. (They also have a flyswatter that looks like a giant delete key)

This one has nothing to do with insects, but is quite entertaining: excerpts from the FCC TV Decency database.

And because some people I’ve talked to haven’t heard about it: Security hole in MySpace allows private photos to be viewed.

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  1. Richard W. Crews February 1, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    I made my own flyswatters with the face of Ann Coulter and Giuliani on them. That will be their last memory.

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