So many cool things on the web right now!

Zooilogix has an interview with Justin Schmidt, the originator of the Schmidt pain index.

Ugly Overload reports on a new species of tick spider. (it isn’t really a true spider, or a true tick. It’s one of these.) They also have some very beautiful photos of a spitfire caterpillar.

Gossamer Tapestry writes about the Endangered Species Act. (He also has many pretty pictures from his Caribbean vacation. Grrrr.)

Myrmecos has so many new, lovely photos I’ll just link to the tag page, k?

The NCSU Insect Museum blogs about the heartbreak of mass specimen submissions.

Several interesting papers in Malaria Journal: Host choice in malarial mosquitoes and Relationships between land/water topography and transmission

Deltoid investigates funding of astroturf groups by Tobacco companies

An interesting skeptical note to end with:

A new study finds that aromatherapy might make you feel slightly better, but doesn’t actually do anything else. :D

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  1. Thanks for the link. Glad you enjoyed my vacation pix :)

  2. I am seriously in awe here to find some one who’s crazy about bugs and blogging about them.

    Thanks for all of this. I ♥ every thing creepy and crawly. *Goes to browse*


    – Brittanie

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