Besides a hooker? Now, if you want intelligent conversation about the Eliot Spitzer thing, visit Sex in the Public Square or Feministing. I happen to agree with them.

But I also have to say, as a cheap bastard frugal spender, that the fact that he paid 5 grand for sex bothers me a lot more than the fact that he paid for sex.
I can’t imagine having $5000 in discretionary cash to throw down on a little nookie. And I just can’t imagine any sex good enough to be worth 5 thousand big ones.

Yes, I am that cheap.

I could do so many constructive things with that much cash. My husband pointed out he could buy his car again–twice–for that much money. We could pay off the rest of the equity loan on the house.

We could get a new hot water heater, and also get a contractor to fix that one beam that needs to be replaced under the house. We could get a new bed and mattress, and have enough left over to do something wildly irresponsible (and FUN) like go snorkeling in St. Lucia.

What would YOU do if you suddenly had 5 grand in cash to play with?

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  1. Hmmm $5,000. I guess I would agree, it disturbs me more that a politician has $5,000 to spend on personal entertainment. Didn’t he have any airport bathrooms near his office? or an intern program?

    Off Topic
    These are the references I promised about AIDS.
    The first has a complete video.

    Well, I suppose that AIDS/HIV does have some remote connection to sex :) and might not be too far off topic.

  2. I’m not going to read the details – just let them wash over me from TV, newspapers, RSS.

    From what I have heard/read, I think there would be incidental expenses aside from nookie involved. Travel, lodging, food, flowers, gifts, libation, all the usual business expenses.

    Which if he is like any good businessman would be greatly exaggerated. So maybe cut that in half.

    Would you pay $2500 for nookie?

    If I had $5000? Caribbean beach!

  3. Replace the stained carpeting, torn kitchen vinyl, and get the wood trim on the front replaced.

    Five grand for sex??


  4. Either put it toward paying off my credit card, or use it as a down payment on a larger vehicle (neither a Taurus nor a Rabbit are large enough to haul around two adults, a 60-lb basset hound, a baby, and all of baby’s junk).

  5. Babies are expensive :(
    Alas, there is no cuteness discount. (And the larklet would definitely get one!)

  6. I was also wondering what kind of sex would merit a $5000 price tag. Maybe the call girls have Prada logos on their backsides.

    I’d get caught up on the monthly bills, buy groceries, get my hair cut, and go out to din din.

  7. It crossed my mind too if that 5 grand was worth it! (Maybe he stopped at Tiffany’s first?)

    Anyway, if I had a surplus $5,000 I’d probably get another kayak, travel, and bank the balance.

    Oh, who am I kidding, I’d piss it away at the track.

  8. BTW, Governor Spitzer might wish he had that money to retain his soon-to-be-hired divorce attorney…

  9. Hmm, that’s about £2500 here in Scotland. It would be tempting to blow it on a tractor, but we have higher priorities so:

    1. A couple of good bee nucleuses to replace the colonies wiped out two years ago. (That’s £250 gone.)
    2. Two new, insulated pig huts. (Another £1,000 gone.)
    3. £500 in the boys’ bank accounts for college/university. (Another £1,000 gone)
    4. New clothes for the Other Half. (The final £250 gone.)

    That’s it.

    As for paying £5,000 for sex, I’m left wondering if he was actually paying for discretion about more unusual predilections. Like the rich men in England who like to go to a certain hotel in the south, wear nappies and get treated like babies by nursey….

    City folks are weird.

  10. The question is, really, if you had a nickel, would you spend it on gratuitous sex?
    Perhaps $5000 is to Spitzer what a nickel is to me.
    It’s not the amount, it’s the act.
    He seems to have (had) a very attractive wife.
    And he has 3 daughters.
    What was he thinking of?
    Just because you can spend a nickel, doesn’t mean you should.

  11. If I was a crook politician who knows.., I’d probably give the money to charity first. Instead he used the money to support a sugardaddy type of website and a prostitution ring. Girls won’t stop whoring themselves out, I mean heck they are empowered and need the money. I just think it’s hilarious that everytime a politician is caught in a sex scandal his wife is always standing next to him at press time. They should let her explain why he’s running around for a change. Instead she says nothing.

  12. Actually, I could have paid for my car FOUR times for five grand. Yeesh!

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