In the pantheon of Very Bad Giant Insect Horror Films, Food of the Gods has always been a standout.
A director Bert I. Gordon (BIG) classic, this adaptation of an H.G Wells story is amazing for it’s incredibly bad special effects. In fact, it won a Golden Turkey Award for it’s special effects.
And it’s now been released on DVD for your viewing….um. Pleasure?

You might remember Gordon as the director of Beginning of the End and Earth vs. the Spider. Those 50’s films were classics of the cold war, and suggested radioactivity (and possibly communism) wouldcanning goes awry destroy us all.

Food of the Gods was made in the 70s, and so has an environmental (sort of) bent. Ida Lupino (!) finds a chemical goo bubbling up from the ground, and feeds it to her chickens to make them grow bigger. Now, at a time when the EPA Superfund was looking for toxic sites to clean up, one would think perhaps a bit more caution about gooey stuff bubbling from the ground would be warranted. Apparently not.

Other animals get into the chemicals, and a gigantism-fest begins. Also in the mix is a camping football team, an evangelist, and a “lady bacteriologist.”

Entomological Highlights (from memory):

  • Ida Lupino is attacked by a giant plastic tomato hornworm in her kitchen while canning
  • Giant mosquitoes are fended off with a rifle
  • An attack of giant wasps stings and kills a football player

Other amusing parts are the chicken attacks (it’s clearly a guy in a chicken costume) and giant rats running amok…in what appears to be a Barbie camper.

I’m not sure why someone thought this needed to be released on DVD, but hey–if you want to have a bad movie fest for St. Urho’s day, it’s just in time!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. How could I have missed this epic in 1976? As I recall my junior year of HS was filled with “interesting times.”

    Plenty was overlooked that year. Ida Lupino? Rowwwwwwwrrr!


  2. “That’s a big chicken.”

  3. Poor Ida….a definite step down from working with Bogart.

    But we must watch this (for science!!!) ;-)

  4. Oh, yes, the giant chicken.

    And didn’t this one also have the hive of giant bees in the cave overlooking the beach? And the people who got “waxed” into one of the honeycomb cells?

  5. Xris, that’s a different movie–although I can’t remember which one it is right now.

    Edited to add: Mysterious Island! That’s it!

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