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Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!


  1. Sadly, you don’t hear them in the DC area anymore. At least not where I am — between two creeks, you’d think they’d be roaring this time of year.

    Peepers, that is. Homeland Security yatta yatta, we hear a-plenty round here.

  2. It’s because of Global Warming.

    [ducks from the objects he knows are about to be thrown at him…]

  3. I love people who don’t understand the effects of climate change. :P

    I haven’t heard the peepers yet, but that’s exciting! That means the salamanders will be on the move soon, too, just as soon as we get a good rain. Hooray!

  4. Just saw this article and thought of you immediately!

    It’s supposed to be the worlds largest moth. It’s huge, and quite pretty!

    Another interesting characteristic of the Atlas moth is that it doesn’t have fully developed mouth-parts, so it can’t feed…ever. It survives on the larval fat reserves, throughout their entire 1-2 weeks adult lives.

  5. Hmph. None here yet.

  6. I heard peepers 2 weeks ago in the Virginia Appalachians.

    Had a bear take down my bird feeders yesterday – it was in the mid 60s. Snow this morning though.

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