If you send me your CV via email, and tell me you really want to work at our wonderful university, you should probably use BCC to hide the fact that you sent exactly the same letter to 16 other institutions.

Not CC, so I can see all their addresses.

Just a hint.

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Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Oh good heavens! I would just send 17 individual e-mails. They all have to be personalised anyway, with regards to the addressee and the statements about why I want to work at Wonderful U.

    Actually, I would really like to get a job at a college; I just feel so terribly out-classed because I only have a Masters of Science.


  2. Do you even bother to look at the application in that case?

  3. Halfawake–no, I didn’t look, but this guy was a PhD chemist, and we don’t have any need for a chemist right now. It certainly would count strongly against him even if we did need one, but I’d still throw him in the pile.

    In fact, I halfway suspected the email of being spam, with so many random academic email addresses, so I didn’t even send a “thanks–no thanks” email.

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