Anyone know where I can score that stencil? (or what RITMO stands for?)

I thought it might be this band, but not sure.  It appears to maybe be more of a genre of South American music.

Photo from ltflux.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Name your bug (or get me a pix), and I’ll make you a stencil!

    andrea, with commercial art in her background, along with entomology, horitculture, and other interesting things…

  2. oooohhhh. Tempting!!!

  3. It’s RHMO Heterometallic cluster complexes

  4. Now THAT’s esoteric! :D

  5. It might be a band; ritmo is rhythm. But it might be political graffiti–Ritmo is the nickname for a notorious immigrant tent detention center in Raymondville, Texas.

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