I have a little wood frog just outside my office window right now. wood frogWood frogs always crack me up, since they sound sort of like they are cussing (Click to listen).

A nifty fact about wood frogs: they are tolerant of being frozen:

“As the temperature drops below freezing each winter, the wood frog drifts into a deep hibernation, its breathing and heartbeat grind to a halt, and as much as 65% of the water in its body gradually crystallizes into ice.”

If you click around on that site, you can find additional nifty info, like MRI images of a frog actually in the process of freezing solid.

I guess we know what the males are cussing about now!

[Photo from gwarcita]

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. your blogs are always very percise and insightful. I’m a student, and was wondering if I could reference your work by a name other than “Bug Girl,” for strictly academic purposes.

    thanks! :)

  2. The males might also be cussing because other males are trying to mate with them! During this time of year they’ll ‘amplex’ with anything that moves. The males give a “release call” to let other male frogs know, “Hey! I’m a DUDE!”

    Another grim factoid: Sometimes multiple males will try to amplex with a single female, and they can end up drowning her. Talk about kinky.

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