Fagbug! What an awesome story of someone taking an act of hate and turning it into something positive.FagBug!

From a news article covering her story, and the rainbow makeover courtesy of Volkswagen:

“Fag Bug has become much more than when it started. And to be able to transform it into something positive, rather than have people look at my car and be upset and hurt, I’d rather they look and see how bright the colors are, see something fun and playful instead of something hurtful,” Davies said.

One year ago someone spray painted anti-gay slurs on her car. Instead of removing it, she drove around the country for a year and documented reactions to the hateful words. It was difficult both financially and emotionally.”

I’m very interested in seeing the documentary she’s working on.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I just went to her MySpace page. Wow! What an incredible story! She is so inspiring.

    …and her car is adorable!


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