Courtesy of Stonehead, I discovered this lovely artwork by Paul Villinski: blue butterfliesAn artist making butterflies out of discarded beer cans. From the artist’s statement:

“A kind of conceptual unity develops between materials, process and imagery: my practice in the studio mimics the act of transformation that butterflies symbolize everywhere, in all cultures.

Our grandchildren will laugh in disbelief at the vast resources we squander, manufacturing a plastic bottle for a pint of water, or mining aluminum to surround 12 ounces of beer with metal. One generation’s trash will be another’s treasure. These littered beer cans are humble, but worthy materials, and it’s gratifying to take this “trash” and turn it into something of beauty and meaning.”

I had some trouble getting his site to work, but Happy Mundane has a whole bunch of larger format photos. Lovely!

I thought this would make a really nice Earth Day post. :)

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  1. That’s an awesome post for Earth Day!

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