(Actually, World Malaria Day 2008 was yesterday; I just got involved in some stuff that kept me from posting this until today.)button

“World Malaria Day is an opportunity for malaria-free countries to learn about the devastating consequences of the disease and for new donors to join a global partnership against malaria. It is an occasion for research and academia institutions to flag their scientific advances to both experts and the general public. It is chance for countries in affected regions to learn from each other’s experiences and back each other efforts. It is an opportunity for international partners, companies and foundations to showcase their results and reflect together on how to scale up what has been proven to work.”

As Americans, we are fortunate enough to have eradicated malaria–and to no longer suffer this disease that hits hardest at children and pregnant women.

Why not purchase ONE bed net at Nothing but Nets? I know several of the researchers involved in this effort, and can vouch for it.

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  2. It seems like a great program.

    I heard about it through one of my soccer friends, because one of the players on the Chicago Fire is a spokesman :)

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