I discovered that someone just “outed” me as the author of this blog, using my real name. I know a lot of people suspect they know who I am–but I have tried to always maintain plausible deniability :)

I blog anonymously partly because I fear crazy people online, and partly because I want to have the freedom to say someone is full of shit when I think…they are really full of shit.

I need to keep my job, and for now, blogging with my real name is not an option.

I also have a LOT of stuff I need to do–personal and professional–and I need to stop screwing around online for a while.

This also gives me an excuse to not deal with some other issues at WordPress–namely the Ads, which are intrusive and unwanted. And NOT MINE. I have been planning to find a new hosting service…someday.

So, I’m going low profile for a while, and switching to fewer (and hopefully better) posts.

I leave you with this lovely photo of a bee. I probably won’t be working this hard, but still working. And I’ll be back in a while. I’ll leave commenting on, unless it gets snarky.

While I’m away, here’s some WTF?? to ponder:

Washington University is giving Phyllis Schlafly an honorary doctorate

Shades of Nixon’s Dirty Tricks: NC robocalls

Harry Potter game….called Kristallnacht

[Photo of bee on a rose from PKMousie]

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Harry Potter and the Holocaust of Fire?

  2. i’ve been outed in my blog before, i know how that feels. i was prepared to be outed though. anyway, hope your blog holiday will leave you refreshed and back to blog more. :)

  3. Awwww, I’m sorry you were outed. I’ll miss your entertaining and informational posts. Will you still be writing the occasional post at Skepchick?

    Enjoy your blog vacation.:)

  4. OK, the people who made that Kristallnacht game rather did give the finger to those who complained. They even pulled out the “some of our best friends are Jews” line. However, the self-righteous indignation displayed in the blog post and the comments thereto also seemed a little overboard to me. (The situation is reminiscent of a recent British tabloid scandal.) Maybe I just don’t process insensitivity the way other people do. . . .

  5. I, too, am sorry you were outed. I enjoy your blog immensely, so I really hope this is just a vacation and not retirelent.

  6. It’s a vacation.
    I just have to decide if I’m ok with my identity being known, and decide what to do next, either way.

    I’ll be back in June, for sure.

  7. I considered anonymity when I started my blog, but ultimately decided it would be too hard to maintain – I just have too many fingers in too many pots. Anyway, I decided if I just focused on writing about the things that inspire me and leave the snipping to others, then I couldn’t get into too much trouble. Maybe I’m naive, but there is a feeling of freedom in not constantly having to cover ones tracks.

  8. And your blog is really great, Ted, as are many others who blog under their real names. I really enjoy them.

    I think I’m just full of more snark than the average American.
    It’s like that line from Boogie Chillen (John Lee Hooker)

    “It’s in him…and it got to come out!”

  9. Looking forward to your return.

  10. What a drag. Well, I hope you’re back soon. You and your six-legged pals are always welcome at Osage+Orange :)

  11. TheWireMonkey May 8, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    Hope to hear more from you soon, either here or in other fora.

  12. Oh man. I’m sorry to hear about your outing. I have loved your blog fromthe second I found it through Zoologix.

    I hope you come back (in some stress-free form) soon.

  13. You should claim to be a man.

  14. Cruise Vacation May 21, 2008 at 3:46 am

    It’s a shame that a lot of people have to express themselve anonymously to avoid crazy people and prosecution in real life!
    Imagine people in countries where they do not have free speach…

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