9 thoughts on “World Naked Gardening Day

  1. Well my episode turned out badly… I was injured from falling donut sprinkles launched all the way from the United States so I’m actually glad no hoe was present at my place. I can only imagine what could’ve resulted had I fallen on the hoe!

    We’ve been known to get frost in May here in Saskatchewan too, but heck… we Candians are toughened up when it comes to the cold. -50 in the winter can do that to a person.

    Glad you came by fracas!

  2. That would be pleasant were I not the sort of person that doesn’t even doesn’t even freckle well. Plus, it’s raining most days this week.

    Have to say, those pix look awfully staged. As they say, “gardening is a contact sport!” Since when does anyone do a bunch of gardening and NOT get dirt all over their knees, hands, et cetera?

    andrea, AKA Mom the Mud Monster

  3. wow…that gives new meaning to gardening terms like shrubbery and woody stems. I notice no one was pruning their roses…

    ps: 2 days off does NOT a vacation make!

  4. If you keep talking about pictures of hoes, you’re going to attract entirely the wrong sort of crowed here . . . .

  5. That would be “crowd.” Wish you had a “preview post” feature. Or that I could read before I hit the “post” button.

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