Help for the Chronically Disorganized

I am still trying to disconnect myself from the blog, and my addiction to being online, so I can try to get some work done. Alas, I still seem to be having trouble focusing.

I just discovered the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization, via 43 folders. So now I have a new thing to waste time on while I try to get myself in order. :D
The good news: I am not, as they define it, chronically disorganized.
Bad news: I didn’t really learn anything new, other than to reinforce all the things I should be doing to get organized.

Oh well. Also, spider species named after Neil Young!

7 thoughts on “Help for the Chronically Disorganized

  1. Heh; I have that very same LOLcat picture printed out; one day at school it was my “Quote of the Day”!

    andrea, with bad case of headache-induced Dumb

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