Posting on the interwebs using your real name

I thought it was interesting that as I am struggling with the issue of anonymity, Feministe was also discussing this issue.  It seems like women especially come in for abuse online–something I’ve mentioned before. (And which several bits of research support.)

I think Merlin Mann was spot on when he said “email combines intimacy and distance in a way that sociopaths really seem to enjoy.”  I’d extend that to all online communication–forums and blog comments especially.

Having said that…

I actually am missing blogging, and I think it’s obvious I can’t resist the temptation to occasionally come back and tell you about random things that strike my fancy. The plan to disconnect myself isn’t working too well.

Interestingly, EvolutionBlog covered the topic of blogging and mental health, and suggested it’s therapeutic.  The part that really caught my eye was this (in the original article):

“The frontal and temporal lobes, which govern speech—no dedicated writing center is hardwired in the brain—may also figure in. For example, lesions in Wernicke’s area, located in the left temporal lobe, result in excessive speech and loss of language comprehension. People with Wernicke’s aphasia speak in gibberish and often write constantly. In light of these traits, Flaherty speculates that some activity in this area could foster the urge to blog.”

Would anyone like to guess which parts of my brain were damaged when I had my head injury?  :D

Of course, this got my attention because it helps me rationalize something I want to do anyway, that might not  actualy be a good idea.  The other problem with frontal lobe damage is impulsiveness…..

So I wrote ScienceBlogs and asked them if I could become a Sb’er.  If you know anyone, please feel free to  pull some strings.