Tulane is offering a free web course: “Vectors of Disease in Disasters“.

“The course not only covers the description of the principal vectors encountered in times of disasters, such as the typical species of rats, mosquitoes, and flies, but also how to easily identify between the species by common methods employed in the loss of usual diagnostic techniques. The methods discussed are the comparison of fecal sizes, foot print comparisons, and landing/eating patterns.

The course also covers control methods that are typically used as well as methods that can be utilized in times of disaster when power loss and transportation obstacles can be encountered.

This course is free, self-paced and takes about 4 hours to complete; There is also an option to download this course to play on your iPod or other MP3 player.”

Since Tulane has an excellent School of Tropical Medicine, I’d expect this to be very interesting.  I know what I’ll be listening to on my iPod on the way to work later this week!

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  1. BTW, it turns out that you have to have Windows to take the course–if you have a Macintosh (like me), you’re screwed.


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