News From GM:

Wagoner said GM is “undertaking a strategic review of the Hummer brand, to determine its fit with GM’s evolving product portfolio” in light of changing market conditions.

“At this point, we are considering all options for the Hummer brand… everything from a complete revamp of the product lineup to partial or complete sale of the brand,” he said.

It’s about freakin time. The Hummer has always been a giant “fuck you” to the Earth: Hummer + Insight “I have money, I consume outrageously, and screw all the rest of you.”

I’m not alone in my dislike; there is an entire website devoted to hatred of the Hummer: Fuck You and your H2.

I hate Hummers, and they seem to hate me right back. I guess having an Insight that gets 64mpg is bound to make them mad. I love the juxtaposition in this photo (and the Insight is the same color as mine!)

Does anyone have a side photo of an Insight and a Hummer, so you can really see the difference?

I used to always park next to Hummers like this, just to make a point. Now…I hide my car away. People are pissed about gas prices, and they aren’t afraid to yell at me at the gas pump. I also have actually, for the first time, thought about theft as an issue.

Interestingly, someone is trying to sell a 2004 Insight for $24,000. That’s $6000 more than the original selling price of the car when it was new!! A 2001 just sold at $18,000 on eBay. Apparently, people are waking up to the value in an Insight. Too bad Honda quit making them last year :(

I’m rather tempted to put mine up on the block with a similar price, to see if there are any takers. Of course, I’d have to clean it first.

Naw. Too much work.

Also, and completely unrelated: The movie Fargo, in 5 seconds. LOL!

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  1. I drive a 1988 Honda Civic DX to work and back every day. It gets 45 MPG. I’ve read that used older cars that get good gas mileage are selling like hotcakes, and for far more than someone would have bought one last year. I’m driving my Honda until the wheels fall off. If they would build a bike path to my workplace so I wouldn’t get killed riding my bike there I would do that instead of the car. But I bet that aint gonna happen.

  2. Wow, is that true that people actually yell at you at the fuel pump for having an efficient car?!

  3. Yes. They do.

    Because it isn’t an American car, and I live in Michigan–home of GM.

    I also get a lot of really uncomfortable “jokes” about it.

    “Gee, I bet you’re afraid someone will hit you with a shovel and steal your car, eh?”

    (which is partly why I find that Fargo link so very amusing.)

  4. “The Hummer has always been a giant “fuck you” to the Earth”

    I don’t think you can quite go that far. The Hummer was made for a very specific purpose. If you’re in the military out in the jungle somewhere, and there’s no road, the Hummer is what you want.

    It’s when you have people who never did a day of military service in their lives driving it on US highways as a way of showing that they have a bigger dick that it becomes a serious problem.

    The Stand-Up Economist used to sell joke bumper stickers, one of which said, “If the troops weren’t all in Iraq, I’d shoot one myself.” On the back were instructions for use, step 1 of which was, “Locate Hummer.”

  5. I’ve had much the same experience. Why in the world would anyone feel they “need” a Hummer to drive around to the grocery, school, and the office?


  6. You get threats for having the wrong car? Holy cow, I’m glad I’m not cycling anywhere near where you live. It’s bad enough in London where all sexually inadequate boys and uptight girls can’t stand the sight of someone overtaking them on a human powered contraption.

  7. Actually, now that gas prices have risen, I’m hoping that things get better for cyclists here.

    I certainly see a lot more people on foot, which is a good thing. And the fact that it’s unusual should tell you something about Americans….sigh.

  8. I love parking my Toyota Prius right next to large gas hogs. I have also been known to point and snicker at large pick-ups, SUVs, and Hummers while filling up at gas stations.

  9. […] authentic to get the nod here, even if she was less amusing than she is when inveighing against the Hummer (speaking of dumbass consumers) and the mentality of those who own one or […]

  10. Aw, man! The Fargo video was removed! It should have been fair use, IMHO.

    Damm Media Conglomerates!

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