Posted by Gwen Pearson

Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!


  1. Ain’t nature grand? At least you’re okay.

  2. Glad to hear you’re OK.

  3. We haven’t had power since Saturday night. BWL keeps telling us it will be at least another 24 – 48 hours before power is restored. *Sigh*

  4. I don’t remember that I ever commented before but it’s not my 1st visit, your photos are stunning and resource links fantissimo

  5. ps isn’t that a fake wasp? rather than bee, a hover fly

  6. Yep, I said that in the post.

    “Have a pretty picture of a bee-mimic (it’s actually a fly)”

    I can’t take any credit for the photos, other than finding them on Flickr :)

  7. Oh

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