Because, apparently, I’m not very good at it, based on my performance today.I found Jimmy Hoffa!

I am good, however, at generating many hilarious photos.

Not terribly flattering, mind you, but funny.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. I like the thoughtful, slightly surprised, “What have we got here?” expression. Very appropriate.

  2. My sister’s comment:

    Bachelors Degree: $19,000
    Masters Degree: $25,000
    Doctorate: $30,000
    Picture of sister with hand up a cow’s hoo-ha: Priceless

  3. Did you actually get to breed the cow? It’s a good feeling to know you created life like that, yay for you!! The first time I learned to ai a cow was on a wild one. Everytime I would find her cervix the crazy thing would freak out and jump around. Needless to say after several??? minutes I got the baby making juice in the right place, and she did become pregnant.

  4. Actually, my arm is up her anus; you have to feel around and find the cervix that way, and then you put the semen in with your other arm. The other arm you see in the photo is also in there; that’s my instructor. The whole thing had a very goatse quality.

    we were just practicing with blanks; these were cull cows (note the little pink X)

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