So, I took today off and worked outside in the garden. I have long curlyish hair, and usually after a day stuffed into the top of my hat, it comes in dried out and Brillo-like.What's blooming today

So, I have a thought–people put oil on their hair as a conditioner–why don’t I just put a little cooking oil on my hair, and have an instant hot oil treatment! Hair stays put, and gets silky, to boot.

So, I slather my hair up, stick it in the hat, and out I go. Bonus: I smell like a pizza!

Works great–hair is not all dried out when I come back inside 5 hours later.


I shampooed my hair, and the oil is still there.

In fact, I don’t think I have ever been this greasy in my entire life. I’ve cleaned my neck with alcohol several times, because it’s driving me crazy. I’m just going to stick a towel on my pillow, and hope it comes out tomorrow before I go to work.

Looks like I’ll be wearing my hair in a French braid for the foreseeable future….

I thought I would share this, in case you happened to be considering a similarly brilliant idea.

The photo is what’s blooming in the garden right now; and the post title is what I am going to call my autobiography, whenever I get around to writing it.

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  1. I do this with Olive Oil, but any oil should work. You have to shampoo twice to get it out, though, and let the shampoo sit for awhile to break down the oil.

    You can buy Hair Oil in Indian neighborhoods if you’ve got access to one of those. Smells nice and is good for your hair.

  2. And if it still feels greasy after that, put cornstarch (cornflour) in your hair and brush it out. It absorbs oil. It’s a major ingredient in dry shampoo.

  3. Oh, that’s a good idea ellaella.
    I should have known a foodie would know this….


  4. Yay! You’re human. I was beginning to wonder. Smart, good writer, things grow for you, but you put oil in your hair. Thank you! Dumb ass. :)

  5. hehehehehe

    i too have long curly hair, really curly. since i stopped using a brush on it, its health nhas increased greatly. also, use a leave in conditioner or buy the diy dye, then use that condioner as a treatment, leave it in overnight, hair is beautiful when u rinse it out :)

  6. How about squirting a load of washing up liquid into your hair and giving it a good rinse? It works on the frying pan!

  7. The second shampoo did the trick! I let it sit on for a bit. Whew.

    and GoingSixty: pppppttthhht!

  8. Bug girl I will never again feel the pangs of trepidations when I see your name, you ARE human-blimey you’re nearly as daft as me-Coaster is right olive oil is the solution, although it cost more than other dressings, it lasts longer, a little goes a long way.

  9. You feel pangs of trepidation? I hope it’s just because the bugs creep you out…. :)

  10. Don’t take any notice of me, it’s just that you don’t seem to suffer fools gladly, and one is apt to wander in the direction of folly now and then. You have a super blog about a riveting subject.

  11. Oh, I’ve done the olive oil thing on my hair before, but I had to wash it soooo many times to get the damn stuff out again…

  12. Martin is actually pretty much on in his comment. I’ve found that dish soap will take the oil right out. Then you shampoo normally, and you’re done.

  13. I did that once in high school, only with mayonnaise! I’d heard that it was good for the hair. It wouldn’t come out, even after several shampoos. My mother accused me of doing it on purpose, so I wouldn’t have to go to church!

  14. I hope your hair is back to normal by now.
    Next time, use fuller’s earth (a type of clay). That’s what they used to use on sheep. You can find it sold as kitty litter.

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