I got a tip that Colony Collapse Disorder is a part of the plot of M. Night Shyamalan’s new film, The Happening. Unfortunately, it seems to be another not-so-good film from Mr. Shyamalan, and has been mercilessly panned by critics. Bare bones plot:

“a deadly airborne toxin descends on north-east America from Massachusetts to Maryland. Terrorists are initially suspected, but it’s more likely produced by trees and plants.”

The toxin makes people kill themselves.

I know that there is a scene where a high school science teacher* discusses CCD, and he also has the apocryphal Einstein quote written on his classroom chalkboard. The deaths of the bees are apparently foreshadowing the many gruesome human deaths to come.

io9 points out that there are some suspiciously intelligent design-ish themes in the film, as well.

If anyone has seen the film, can you give us a report about how large a role the bees play in the film?

I’m afraid I’m not willing to make the sacrifice of seeing it myself.

*played by Mark Wahlberg, just to test your willing suspension of disbelief

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  1. Hi Bug Girl, I came over from Skepchick regarding this topic.

    CCD was mentioned a few (2 maybe 3?) times in the general sermon of “humans are killing the planet”, and giving CCD, red tides, and some others as evidence.

    This toxin starts in Central Park, then (insert downtown park) in Philly & spreading through the NE US only.

    When experts were wondering why only the NE was affected, the reasoning was population density & nukulur power plant density was the highest in the US & that makes The Environment angry.

    So CCD was just part of the general “look how bad humans are” sermon.

    Don’t waste your money.

  2. Ah. Don’t piss Gaia off. I get it.

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