I’m going to be off doing trail maintenance most of this weekend, so here’s some other buggy stuff to read:

You can now view the Linnean Insect Collection online! Yes, it’s Mr. Genus-Species’ bug collection.damselfly

Coverage of new research on why insects are so shiny and pretty–and what they have in common with diamonds.

I’m still trying to figure out how the Brothers found this before me: Zoos use blood sucking bugs as syringes.

Research on how insects detoxify DDT–so that it doesn’t kill them.

There are more species of bees than mammals and birds combined.

Non-insect, but interesting:

The 89th Skeptic’s Circle!

A thought-provoking post on why calling people we disagree with “crazy” is offensive.

More stupid Michiganders–Doctor lectures a lesbian couple about their sinful ways. The Sparrow Health system had better be disciplining that dude, stat. Also, the teens that beat the snot out of another girl because she was an advocate for LGBT rights will be charged. None of the 50 (50!) students that stood by and watched will face any charges.

This lovely photo of an Emerald Damselfly is from glsammy. Aren’t the colors amazing?

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