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  1. Well, did it cover his ass?

  2. help wanted (and needed)…

    Recently, I received the resume of a man who has been chronically underemployed for as long as I’ve known him. I think I might know why. I’m not sure how a person with a PhD has failed to learn these resume tips:…

  3. O.F.F.S. — Give us a coffee-spew warning! :D


  4. An ass cover letter? I read this differently than others. In my email file at my vocation I have a “CYA” file in which emails back and forth with certain folks are kept. It’s my ass-cover file. I suppose at some level anything within could be thought of as an ass-cover letter.

    If listing on a job application, one must doctor it up a tad and sell it like this:

    -fabulous ass cover upper capable of hiding mistakes or company errors.


    -excels in the art of ass coveruppance


  5. I guess its better than an album cover….

  6. hilarious!!!!

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