MSU Biologist Pwns Creationist

It’s Michigan News, and it’s AWESOME. Richard Lenski is not only a swell guy, but a world-class researcher. He recently published some fascinating work on E. coli evolution.Science, by xkcd

Then, the owner of Conservapedia demanded to see his data. It was clear that he hadn’t read Lenski’s paper at all. Their entire correspondence is reproduced at Bad Science, and it will warm your little evolutionary cockles.


And, because I can, a favorite xkcd comic.

11 thoughts on “MSU Biologist Pwns Creationist

  1. Great, great, great dialogue between Lenski and Shlafly.

    xkcd – it’s my new favorite cartoon. If you haven’t found it already, I think you might equally enjoy [a href=””]toothpastefordinner[/a].

  2. Bug Girl said: “*cough* xkcd linked in post *cough*”

    Thanks. Now I look dumb, lol. I may have to get that T-shirt though :)

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