Someone told me about this, and I think it’s just the coolest thing ever: cheese!

Dairy farmers in Sullivan County, N.Y, are being visited by the CheeseMobile, a trailer with a custom-built, state approved dairy plant inside. The 12-by-36-foot unit is complete with boiler, air handler, sinks, coolers and a cheese makeroom containing all the necessary equipment to manufacture, package and age cheese. It is supplied by lines from the milk room that fill the 200-gallon pasteurizer three to four times a week for cheesemaking.

Unfortunately, the website they refer you to ( is a lapsed domain.

Anyone seen or know about the CheeseMobile? Where is it now?  The most recent sighting was in 2006, in the New York Times.

Calling all interwebbers–help me find the CheeseMobile, so we can rent it! Doug, have you heard of this?

[yummy photo from cwbuecheler]

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Never heard of it sounds cool… :)

  2. Oooooooh, that sounds awesome! Maybe the Oscar Meyer people can cross the Weinermobile with the Cheesemobile and make the ChiliCheesedogmobile!

  3. But…we’d have to see them make the wieners then.


  4. I wonder what catchy little tune they play so all the kids run out in the street with their change…hoping to buy some cheese!

    “Hey, everybody…it’s the CheeseMobile! Come on!”

  5. I’ve never heard of the cheesemobile. That’s a completely new one on me. It sounds like a great idea. Folks can get to know the cheese making process without having to do any of the investment in equipment or supplies to do it themselves. I’ll let you know if I run across any info about it.

  6. My kids would certainly chase a Cheesemobile down the street, especially if Chevre was being sold!
    Damn, now I want some Dubliner … “Cheesemobile, where ARE you?”

  7. That’s exactly the purpose, Doug. It lets small farms experiment and see if they can make it profitable for them without a huge investment.

    We SOOOOO want to bring it to the farm here. Schoolkids would love it.

  8. Oh, please o please, find the Cheesemobile! Triple-creme brie brought to ME! Mmmmm…

  9. My gosh….that IS cool! :)

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