A huge storm rolled through Michigan tonight, dumping tons of water and hail. After I managed to make it home on roads with 2 feet of standing water, I discovered the garden had been utterly SHREDDED.

There is almost nothing left intact. Even the beans were stripped off the trellis.


The flooding also caused all sorts of damage to the bugmobile, and it will have to take an expensive trip to the shop for repairs.

Good news? Well, no trees have fallen on our house. Yet.

UPDATE 7/3/08: More photos of storm and flash floods; oddly enough, it hasn’t gotten much news coverage. Looks like the Bugmobile escaped serious harm; about $300 in repairs, and I feel lucky.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!


  1. Welll…..crap! Glad you are safe though.

    The storms went north of us but we still got buckets of rain.

  2. That sucks, sorry :(

    Still in life, money and ecology, destruction usually leads to opportunities for renewal. Hmm, that sounded like a fortune cookie…

  3. Bug Girl,
    My utmost sympathies!

    As a fellow floods & hail veteran, Do. Not. Touch. the Garden. Yet.

    Give it a few days for the water to sink in — tromping around just adds to the compaction. Let the leaves dry so you don’t spread fungal spores.

    You will be amazed at how well things survive and recover. Columbine is damn near hail-resistant, despite looking wimpy. Large-leaved things like squash, catalpa, cannas and elephant ears fare the worse for shredding, but will rally.


  4. I’m sorry! As Andrea said…much will bounce back.

  5. I can sympathize. The Texas gulf coast gets metric shit-tons (in technical terms) of rains and I’ve seen the way water can wreck stuff up more times than I care to. I hope everything works out, and I’m glad to hear the vehicle damage was minimal (by car standards, anyway).

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