African Dung Beetles for McCain

Since it’s a patriotic sort of weekend, thought I’d cover some recent political news:

“African dung beetles have been observed rolling dung balls that resemble U.S. presidential candidates, according to entomologists who have been studying the insects.

Dung beetles feed off undigested material in animal feces, and move their food around by rolling it up in a ball and pushing it with their hind legs. But the beetles usually stay out of U.S. presidential politics.

“It’s quite remarkable, really,” said political entomologist Ralph Bugsley of the University of Michigan. “They seem to be absolutely fascinated with John McCain. We’ve never seen African dung beetles roll so easily with any other candidate before.”

Other important insect news:

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5 thoughts on “African Dung Beetles for McCain

  1. I have a spider living at the bottom of my staircase. It’s black with white spots and is shaped like a black widow. It resembles Barack Obama more than John McCain.

    Bug Girl rocks!

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  3. I’m not sure I entirely understand the quoted passage, but it seems to be some sort of slur against the African Dung Beetle. Not what I had come to expect from Bug Girl!

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