A slightly off-topic topic–at least the spam I’m getting lately is more creative. There seems to be a movie theme this week:

Danger! Train!

  • Sperms of Endearment
  • Good Will Humping
  • You’ve Got Male
  • Shaving Ryan’s Privates

This reminded me of some other funny movie titles for Pr0n movies:

  • Star Whores
  • Buffy the Vampire Layer
  • Free My Willy
  • A Midsummer’s Night Cream
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Poon

Personally, my all-time favorite funny Pr0n movie title is still “10,000 Anal Maniacs.”  But that’s a band, not a movie, so doesn’t fit the theme.

I know somewhere DataWhat has posted a similar list, but all I could find was this hilarious article on Camel Toads. At least they aren’t poisonous when you lick them.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. my favorite porn spoof title of all time is ‘stiff magnolias.’

  2. Lord of the Cock Rings starring Bilbo T. Baggins….

  3. Well, I guess my worries about offending regular readers were unfounded :D

  4. At university me and my flat-mates once rented “Lord of the G-Strings”, which featured a race of small humanoids known as “The Throbbits”. Ha, that still makes me chuckle :)

  5. Ha! Got another one this morning: Moulin Splooge.

  6. Shaving Ryan’s Privates, wow, Saving Private Ryan; lmao, creative bunch.

  7. Lol, Beverly Hills 9021-Ho. Okay it’s not that clever, but it makes me laugh when I say it out load.. 9021 Ho! Also, “Lawrence of a Labia”.

    God, I can’t wait to see the Google searches leading to this site now :)

  8. Sadly, the top search term has been, for months and months, “porno.” The pubic lice post didn’t help, nor did the posts on pheromones.

    I think I have to be absolutely one of the most disappointing click-throughs on the internet.

  9. What the… this isn’t a porno site!!! I am hugely disapointed… hey a bug girl!

    “Lawrence of a Labia” isn’t that from Friends?

  10. Those are hysterical! And I think I must steal that sign. It would be very popular in my neighborhood, but everyone would start to wonder why the Skytrain platform had a $25 cover charge.

  11. Speaking as a British guy who’s been through Penrith, I think you may have quite a long hunt to find that sign :P

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