I’ve covered some of the concern about disappearing fireflies before here at the Bug Blog. Because fireflies tend to live and breed in damp and swampy areas, they have been very affected by habitat loss as the country urbanizes. firefly

In general, though, we just don’t know very much about firefly history and distribution. The Boston Museum of Science is asking for volunteers to help observe and report on firefly populations in their area.

Their website is very lovely, and has many nice animations to teach you how to distinguish species by their flash pattern and colors.

There is also a “frequently asked questions” page that covers what volunteers need to know. Sign up for your account and participate in understanding (and saving) these little six-legged bits of magic in the summer!

BTW, The NSCU Insect Museum Blog covers several other Citizen science/Insect monitoring projects.

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Lovely photo from Anita Gould

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  1. I never had actually seen one of the “orange” flashing fireflies until tonight! I’m so glad I took the time to look carefully :)

    Genus Pyractomena


  2. Fireflies are great! I think the fourth of July fireworks cowed them for a little while, tho’.

    Speaking of male egos, have you seen this before?


  3. Here’s a newby question for you – I’d like to this to the firefly post from my blog at WeatherUnderground. I’ve always just put links in without doing anything else. Since it isn’t a WP blog entry, am I supposed to do something with the trackback URL? I’m really confused by the trackback/ping stuff.

    Great post, and the “will not diagnose” disclaimer is just fine. Hope it works for you.


  4. Ah yes–the plastic scrotum. We discussed that at Skepchick, Andrea :D


  5. Linda–just link to the post. The software will do everything for you :D
    And thanks for promoting the project!

  6. Oh, I’m so excited to find this! I have been an amateur entomologist for many years! Thanks for the great blog!

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