I am totally NOT the new supervillain in this comic, despite the (completely superficial!) resemblance in the photos.  It does look like me, but really, it isn’t me!

Totally NOT me

From that post about Insect Queen:

“a villain with her own private army of bug-Borg, and the capacity to make more from infected civilians, and to clone more besides. Between her and the wide variety of soldier-types among her drones (limitless possibilities, culled from your local Entomology textbook), they’ve already shown themselves able to hurt Superman and create superpowered insectoid clones of him. And she’s got four arms!

At the very least, there’s at least two good stories with her clash against Queen Bee and her team-up with Hellgrammite. I’m pretty sure there’s more than that yet, and I for one can’t wait to see them.

In case you aren’t a comic fan, Hellgrammite is an entomologist that turned into a…um.  Super insecty-villain-thingie?
He does not, alas, look anything at all like a real hellgrammite, or dobson fly.

Queen Bee has an army of drones,  and occasionally hangs out with Lex Luthor.  There is also a Nazi Beekeeper in the Comic universe, although he’s not mentioned here.

For those interested in the golden age of Comics, there is an insect superhero (sort of): The Blue Beetle!  He’s not very entomological, though–he’s got a vague relationship to a scarab, and that’s about it.

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  1. I do hate bugs, especially since I arrived in Canada – they are massive! But I did have quite a crush on Catwoman :)

    (Michelle Pfeiffer one) :P

  2. >He does not, alas, look anything at all like a real hellgrammite, or dobson fly.

    That is too bad. What could look more insect villainish than a hellgrammite? They’re scary looking.

  3. That’s exactly what I thought!

  4. So are dragonfly larvae! Extensible mandibles are dang awesome.


  5. Don’t forget Red Bee! Also Yellowjacket and, depending on how you define superhero, the Green Hornet (he was also a comic book character). If you allow any kind of arthropod, there’s also Spider Queen and Silver Scorpion. The original Insect Queen hero, alas, was only introduced in the Silver Age, but she’s seriously hilarious.

    Blue Beetle is now a kid from El Paso named Jaime Reyes, and the scarab is retroactively revealed to have been extraterrestrial tech which only looks like a scarab because … um, well, because disguise. Yeah. Hey, gotta admire the aliens’ design sensibilities, am I right?

  6. Ooh! Thanks for more names, Tinderblast!

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