Who wants to have dinner with Bug Girl?

I’ll be at the Ecological Society of America Meeting in Milwaukee in early August–wanna party?  I have Thursday night, August 7th, open for carousing.

Please note all participants will will be sworn to secrecy about Bug Girl’s sooper sekrit identity. There may even be a waiver you have to sign :)

Also, any tips on a good spot to eat near the Convention Center appreciated.

Also, I have now officially Made It in the Blogosphere. I just got my first free book to review! w00t!

Very excited.

6 thoughts on “Who wants to have dinner with Bug Girl?

  1. We’ll keep a space free in the byre for you should you make it to Scotland. I’ll even throw in some fresh straw and a pig to keep you warm if it’s winter.

  2. See – you have at least two fans in Britain – that means you absolutely *have* to come and visit us at some point :D. Scotland is nicer than Cambridge though, although I may be moving up Stonehead’s way myself soon.

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