Spell check is NOT your friend.  Do not rely on it to accurately fix your mistakes:

“I hope my application after the deadline does not incontinence you too greatly.”

Um. Not really…..

It was Global Spell Check that was responsible for a 4 page paper that was once submitted to me in an introductory science class on “Attention Defecate Disorder.”

Oddly enough, it didn’t really change the meaning that much. I’m sure Attention Deficate Disorder would be quite disruptive in the classroom, and there certainly are medications that can help.

I have one more search committee to serve on in September, and I’m kind of looking forward to it.

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  1. *giggle, snort*

    I shall proofread my “thank you for the job interview” letters very carefully!


    PS I think attention defecate disorder might fall under encopresis.

  2. That sentence sounds like an excerpt from spam emails.

  3. Very good point about spell checkers. Nothing beats a really good read through. My best advice for CV writing and covering letters is to avoid repetition. Read through your efforts carefully when you have finished and strike anything that has been repeated. This applies not only to information, but also ‘favourite’ words or phrases. You’ll be surprised how much better the finished document will read!

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