If you farm in Michigan, you probably know about Ag Expo It’s a huge trade fair and Extension info show on the MSU campus, where you can see (and test drive) cool new equipment. The best thing about working in agriculture is that we have the coolest toys :D

I got to watch some pretty amusing demonstrations. One standout was the demo of how to castrate an adult bull using a special elastic ligature.  They used two racquetballs in a cloth bag as the stand-in for an actual scrotum, and then handed it to a lady in the front row, who was somewhat taken aback to get a ligated scrotum as a party favor.

I also got to see the Robotic milker in action for the first time, which will be in use in Michigan in 2009. (Click on the link, then select “Astronaut Robotic Milking” and then “how it works” to get a video demo.)

It wasn’t quite as Transformers as I expected, but still very cool, especially the lasers used to place the suction cups on the Teats.  (I also want to figure out how to work “teat-seeking missiles” into something I write about this soon.)

I had a lot to do this week, so didn’t stay to test drive a skid steer or other fun stuff. But boy do I have an awesome job!  Wheeeee!

[Photo by jwinfred]

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  1. Sorry, I just had to laugh at your opening line, “If you farm in Michigan”. If any of your readers actually farm in Michigan, I’ll print out your entire blogging output and eat it :)

  2. Watch out for that Robotic Milker… I hear it went haywire (ah ha ha)one time and that’s what created Apocalypse Cow!

  3. oooh, nice one.

    (I fixed typo :) )

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