Ugh. I have an insane day week month coming up, and I’m swamped. It also appears that our washing machine might be broken, and I dropped the price on our house another $10,000 to try to tempt a buyer to purchase it.

The house you see here–with 3 acres of land–can be yours for $119,000.  It’s now listed at $8000 less than I paid for it 6 years ago, and the Realtor still thinks we will need to drop the price more.  At this point, if we don’t have to bring several thousand to the closing, I’ll feel lucky.

BTW, Michigan contines to lead the US with the highest unemployment rate, and even hospitals are laying people off.


Ok, done whining now. Back to your regularly scheduled bug news tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Whinging

  1. this should brighten up your day. at the current exchange rate, your beautiful home would cost me around R905352, 00. Thats nearly a million Rand in my currency… you’re rich!

  2. Most Brits would regard the house as seriously cheap—around £60,000 doesn’t buy much anywhere in the UK.

    Our croft with siz acres was valued at the equivalent of $460,000 two months ago (no, we’re not selling up, just needed a valuation).

    The valuer was apologetic, saying it would have been much more six months ago and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t worried. A valuation only really matters when, like you, you have to sell. Otherwise, it’s largely irrelevant.

  3. Britain is a small place. Three Acres is a big space. I live in New York. Can’t even fathom what 3 Acres of land would cost much less where it could be found for sale. :)

  4. Wow! I’m really quite shocked at the price. And at the same time jealous, that such properties are not available at that price here in Australia (at least not anywhere I would wish to live).

    (And thank you for the little snippets of life there.)

  5. Jeez, we bought our 4-bedroom house for $125,000 back in … 1996? It’s held value and increased some, but it’s what a 1/4-acre lot?

    Sympathies on the appliance business — I gotta call back the repair person because the first visit did not get the dishwasher fixed. And I hope the carpenter comes back to finish the siding repair from the termite damage. And I’m still clearing out weeds and saplings in he landscape. And we’ve not gotten new carpeting or kitchen floor vinyl since we moved in and it looks horrid. And … I’m having nightmares about repairs and hyperinflation and joblessness. Gack.


  6. Lark–for you, I’d rent it cheap!
    But, alas, there is still the problem of what to do with your house….

    Andrea, I’m totally with you on the inflation/job fears thing, but fortunately for now I seem to be ok. Wish I could say that for others here.
    I am investing in a pressure canner, so that I can put more food up than will fit in the freezer.

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