Garden Frustration

I will be traveling almost non-stop for the next 3 weeks, so posting may be a bit spotty. The biggest frustration is that it’s rained solidly for the last 2 days, and there is no way for me to do any weeding before I leave this morning.

So, when I get back, the garden will look like crap, there will be 20 zucchinis the size of baseball bats, and the moles will have taken over completely.


In the meantime, have a cookie coockie.

(Photo swiped from the always amusing Facebook Group “I judge you when you use poor Grammar.”)

EDITED TO ADD: I can haz zukini?

9 thoughts on “Garden Frustration

  1. I love your garden, Bug girl. Your property is beautiful.
    Good luck with your zucchini. Maybe some chicken wire or cages might keep the animals at bay while you are gone.

  2. Alas, the only way to stop moles is hardware cloth, 3 feet deep, all around what you want to protect.

    The fun thing about the giant zukes is that they are…giant.
    One of our giant zucchinis ended up on an album cover of a friend’s band :D

  3. Actually, moles are small enough to squeeze through chicken wire, and can dig very deep.

    That’s why you need the hardware cloth, and have to bury it.

    Oh, wait. You meant the zukes?
    Here, look:
    I can haz zukini?

  4. Excuse my blond moment regarding moles and chicken wire.
    That zuke is huge! You make my garden look like a joke.

  5. People, people – the appropriate action when faced with a ginormous zucchini is to make lots of zucchini bread. A Google search will turn up recipes.

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