Month: August 2008

Corn Carnage

You bastard! Some animal helped itself to my sweetcorn! I’m guessing a raccoon, although we do have a lot of ground squirrels. I did still have some corn left, which we ate for dinner tonight. […]

Weekend WTF: Bird porn!?

Well, this is a new one. Apparently there were several protesters at the Democratic Convention this week decrying Bird Pr0n: I can’t decide if it’s a prank or for real–but there were multiple people carrying […]

CNN spreads arthropod hysteria

Big surprise, the media gets an arthropod story wrong. The level of wrongness is impressive, though. The headline is “Stowaway Afghan Spider kills Family Dog.” First, the story is  about a camel spider, which isn’t […]

Jesus on a Moth!

No, that’s not an expression like “Christ on a Cracker!” Someone in Tyler, Texas (It had to be Texas….) thinks he sees Jesus on this moth.  You know you have comedy gold just from this […]

New Skeptics’ Circle!

Check it out at Reduce to Common Sense. Another well done Olympic theme; Woo-meisters are speedy, but the Skeptics are faster! And, some sad news–LGBT pioneer Del Martin has died at the age of 87–but […]

Most Unusual Fashion Accessory Award

I think this qualifies as sexiest use of exuviae* ever! Apparently Shokotan (blogger and hottie) is a big fan of cicadas, and their shed skins.  Since she’s also a big cosplay star, one has to […]

Hint for tour guides

Step. Back. From. the. Cow. Much hilarity today when giving a tour of our dairy–I was explaining our free stall system and how we manage milking. Whilst gesturing at the cows’ bedding, one stuck her […]

Caught in the Bug Net: 8.25.08

Still busy with the beginning of fall classes today, so how about reading these arthropod posts elsewhere? Doug posts about the Lichen Grasshopper New Aphid species found….on eBay! Bootstrap Analysis finds a new species in […]

ACMA Statement on Misters

The AMCA (American Mosquito Control Association) has weighed in on mosquito misting systems. These systems are installed near (or on) a home, and dispense clouds of pesticides (or ‘natural’ oils like garlic and eucalyptus). The […]