Weekend WTF: Bird porn!?

Well, this is a new one. Apparently there were several protesters at the Democratic Convention this week decrying Bird Pr0n:

I can’t decide if it’s a prank or for real–but there were multiple people carrying these signs on different days, as reported by Pam’s House Blend, among others.  They have also gone to the trouble of registering a domain name (via WordPress!) and creating a website, stopbirdporn.org.

From the flyer (and the website:)

“We have discovered that certain demographics of Bird Watchers are more sexually active than others.The elderly find that bird watching is not strenuous. And this erotic experience can be enjoyed privately through binoculars. Most disturbing are the groups of bird watchers seeking vicarious sexual gratification in the woods.

A psychologist who studies bird watching says: “Adults, disguised as bird watchers mask their debauchery by taking trips in groups. They can then achieve climax in the safety of the woods. Particularly disturbing is the high number of senior citizens using binoculars and telescopes to observe birds mating.

“These horny Peeping Toms satisfy their craving for sex by focusing their debasement on birds. This perversion must be halted, otherwise the entire moral fibre of our nation is going to hell.”

Hard (no pun intended) to say if it’s legit. But very amusing!

Do any of the birders on the blogroll have insights?