Reminder: Thursday Debauchery in Milwaukery

Hey Everyone! Just a reminder that as a Part of the Global Skepchick World Domination Project™, Elyse will be joining me and a few insect and/or Skepchick fans at the “Knuckles” bar in this hotel this Thursday at 6pm.

The Hyatt is in the middle of a bunch of parking garages, so parking shouldn’t be a problem, and if we need to sober up later in the evening, there is a really awesome Thai restaurant across the street.  Despite the location in a hotel, neither Elyse or I plan any hook-ups; your mileage may vary with other attendees.  :D

The ESA meeting is pretty interesting, although because of internet spotty-ness, I haven’t had much success at live blogging anything. Perhaps tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Thursday Debauchery in Milwaukery

  1. You’ll be hanging with Skepchicks and I’ll be seeing BLUE SUNSHINE in Novi … this works out nicely. :)

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