Sorry, school starts this week (AUGH!) and I am swamped trying to get a bunch of faculty to share information with me so I know, for example, when and where they plan to teach their classes.

You know, minor stuff.

Anyhoo, here’s a photo from my garden while I try to get over the grumpies. I’m growing cosmos this year to fill in some space and make the house look nicer to potential buyers.  If we ever find any.

Also, contemplate why this story about gymnasts in a tie was running with the headline of “Olympics’ Big Injustice” (and No Way are those two over 16!) and not this photo of the Spanish teams behaving very badly.

Cause, you know, that seems a lot more unjust to me.

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  1. School starts here this week too, which means the Other Half returning to work, the oldest boy to P4 and now our youngest is starting school as well. I don’t know what I’m going to do without my wee helper! And yes, it’s mental here as well trying to get everyone back into the routine.

  2. oo ooo ooo didja see my spider?? come look :)

  3. And here’s a television programme to keep an eye out for.

    Lost Land of the Jaguar (BBC, so it might find its way over to the US)

    It’s about a team of scientists, explorers and film makers who explore the rain forests of Guyana. My favourite is George McGavin, a scientist who absolutely loves bugs and whose enthusiasm is contagious. There are a few clips of him on the BBC site I linked to.

    We let the boys stay up late to watch it, with the result that they spend the next day hunting bugs themselves.

  4. Tell me about the lack of blogging time! I have my daylighting job from 7:30-3:00, and then my adjunct prof job from 6:00-9:30, and I’ll be teaching all the Saturdays in September, too!

    Now how the hell am I s’posed to get MY house in shape to sell? (you don’t want to hear about the repairs & dejunking…)


  5. Love those cosmos. What a beautiful picture! I am also finding it hard to blog. Internet scrabble is so much more compelling right now.

    Seeing those children compete in women’s sports continues to freak me out.

  6. Of course, for this librarian it’s “School starts soon!!!Yes!!!”

    finally, it just might be quiet again…

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