Because I just spent HOURS playing with this online superhero generator,
and I predict you will too. It took a little work to get her to the appropriate level of….zaftigness.

Mr. Bug Girl says it does actually look like me, but I think that’s just because of a similarity in the rack region.

Also, note the Red High Heels!

What superhero alter ego can you come up with?

Edited to add: Link fixed! Now you can happily waste time….

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Wow!

    I have to go play with it now. I may be gone some time…

  2. Erk – the link points to your picture, not the superhero generator!

  3. I found that a couple years ago. And yeah, I played with it for a while. But I wouldn’t call it a productivity killer.

    Now the falling sand game is a real productivity killer.

  4. Wow, that falling sand game is pretty neat. I can eat up A LOT of time with that one.

  5. Hmmmm…yes, there is a remarkable likeness!

    But where is the “Foot of Failed Planning”?

  6. Argh!

    I can’t do it I’m on dial-up Even when I chose the dial-up thinghy it was still too slow :( :(

  7. You can rescue me any time!

  8. Somehow I thought you would be…taller :D

  9. A short, dense stone with an attitude, that’s me. (Well, I’m a bit taller in real life.)

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